Short internship description:

Political organization alongside to Malta Parlament are looking for Data Analyst Interns. Interns will be involved in a variety of projects related to tax system for electricity and water data analysis among the Island of Malta. You will be working with the members of the team to identify solutions and perform tasks that accomplish solutions how to make a tax system work better.

Your tasks will not only be able to work with data, but also help define the way performance is calibrated and what questions should be asked. You will also learn and apply advanced analytics skills like experimental design, machine learning, statistical modeling, and more.

The data analyst is responsible for developing a deep understanding of Malta tax databases and their quirks as well as assembling, analyzing, and telling compelling stories with data.

Internship responsibilities:

• Choose the proper metrics for tracking and understanding current and future data;

• Propose and suggest new developments which would increase tax system changes;

• Attend team / organziation meetings and actively participates / takes on opportunities to share knowledge and skills that are pertinent to the meeting;

• Working with the members of the team to identify solutions and perform tasks that accomplish individual and team goals.



• Pursuing a degree a BS/MS/PhD in Engineering, Computer Science, Math, Economics, Statistics, or equivalent experience;

• Analytical and database experience;

• Willing to contribute new ideas and articulate them and not just execute on existing ones;

• A commitment to learning – We want someone who seeks to deliver impact, but also invests in themselves and others.

• Data visualization skills.


Knowledge, skills, and competencies to be acquired by the end of the traineeship (expected Learning Outcomes):

• Better understanding about energy and water in the context of politics of Malta;

• New knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies in energy, communication, problems solving;

• IT and time managing;

Effective communication skills;

• Ability to establish interpersonal relationships that allow working in teams and in diverse and multicultural environments;




Internship duration 3 - 4 months


From Monday to Friday 10:00 to 19:00


No salary


Ideal for English speaking student. You will get an opportunity to improve your language skills. Thanks to the active communication tasks


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