Short internship description:

Local Taxi Association of Granada is looking for interns to organize “information points” to keep tourists informed about local services: tourist information, taxi services, prices, routes, an organization of trips and routes around the city and province of Granada.

The trainee will be responsible for the information point and keep tourist informed. It would be a great experience to get to know the people, the city, and the language. If you are an outgoing young person, that would be the perfect traineeship for you.

Internship responsibilities:

• Public relations in the city of Granada to promote the use of the taxi in the main monuments of the city. Established information points for tourists. Places with large number of people and tourists

• Information about taxi fares

• Dissemination of tourist routes by taxi

• Personal visit to hotels in order to inform about the services, offers, and fares

• Marketing and dissemination of the taxi against other means of transport

• Merchandising and general advertising


Expected Learning Outcomes:

• To provide the proper skills for planning, organization, management, and marketing of the tasks assigned

• To provide the proper skills for advertising and public relation

• To manage a brand and product through marketing campaigns, merchandising and information point

• Skills to be acquired such as organization skills, oral and written communication abilities, information research and dissemination, problem-solving skills and customer service tasks


Spain - Granada


Internship duration 3 - 4 months


Flexible working hours


Financial compensation


Ideal for English speaking student, the Spanish language is a benefit. Also you will get an opportunity to improve your language skills thanks to the active communication tasks


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