Short internship description:

During the internship, you will work with marketing from planning and executing campaigns to evaluation from campaigns. The company is looking for a Marketing and Administration intern who is innovative, communicative and who has the ability to take different marketing and administrative tasks with enjoyment. You’ll be taking care of most of the different types of marketing such as Online marketing, newsletters, promotions, flyers, newspapers ads. Also During the internship, you will work with administration within finance, planning, and general office work.

Available positions (internship tasks & position will be assigned depending on the intern’s experience):

• Marketing (taking care marketing channels)

• Administration (within finance, planning and general office work)


Internship responsibilities:

• Responsible for different types of marketing such as Online marketing, newspaper

ads and flyers campaigns;

• Responsible for smooth run office in collaboration with the owner;

• Promotion of service and networking;

• Marketing research and planning;

• Develop new methods of customer interaction and sales propositions.


Knowledge, skills, and competencies to be acquired by the end of the traineeship (Expected Learning Outcomes):

• Experience working as a team with different people with different competences;

• Explaining Complex things in a simple way. Whiles gaining data you are expected to

• help future campaigns;

• Getting know some business insight in a Danish service company;

• Getting know northern culture knowledge.


Denmark - Copenhagen suburban


Internship duration 4 - 6 months


No salary


English - Independent User B2


Before you apply for one of our internships offers please be note that we have our service fee