Short internship description:

Our partner Fintech company, based in Lisbon with an algorithmic platform dedicated to identifying repeatable patterns and relations in the financial markets, aiming to ultimately produce significant value for its clients. The company has open internship positions at their Headquarter in heart of Lisbon.

Company multidisciplinary team, coming from diverse backgrounds, such as mathematics, physics, astrophysics, electrical engineering, or computer science are problem-solvers, solution- builders who constantly stimulate intellectual challenge. They are responsible for creating and deploying a state-of-the-art information management platform, providing solutions for the financial and asset management industry.

Using the latest artificial intelligence tools, company framework relies on models and tools that have meaning and are understood, pretty much different from a black box approach. The company controls what data is used and its ability to separate noise and to extract information from the chaos from the financial markets big data.

You don’t need to have a background in finance neither experience with financial tools such as Reuters and Bloomberg API’s, Yahoo, Quandl, etc. It’s wonderful if you have but if you’ve got the quantitative skills, the company will teach you the financial aspect of the job.

Internship responsibilities:

• Actively participate in all phases of software development lifecycle: analysis, technical design, planning, development, testing, release, production support;

• Understand the business processes and data flows, constantly contributing to process automation;

• Leverage machine learning techniques and the ability to apply them at a professional level;

• Develop and maintain code modules, integrating new functionalities into our product set, focused on developing scalable solutions that solve a particular problem, but are generalized to the right level such that the same solution can be applied to other problems;

• Use a rigorous scientific method to develop sophisticated trading models and shape our insights into how the markets will behave;

• Be a team member that participates and contributes with complex statistical methods and partners with like-minded, quality focused engineers to test your hypotheses;

• Embrace test-driven development and other agile techniques in order to produce quality software;

• Keep on top of the latest advancements in software development;

• Attend academic seminars to learn from top leaders from top universities;

• Share insights from conferences focused on statistics, machine learning and data science.

• Build systematic and automated processes and tools scalability and rapid development of new datasets;

• Be part of a team to support the data used by production trading algorithms;

• Passion to work hard and join an entrepreneurial environment that favors efficiency and speed over perfection.


Internship Requirements:

• Be familiar with test tools like nose, py.test, unittesting;

• Be familiar with statistical packages such as Scipy, Numpy, scikit-learn and Pandas libraries;

• Be familiar with multiprocessing library, class Process, Queue and Pool;

• Have experience using multiprocessing and multithreading;

• Know communication primitives such as sockets, queues, publish/subscribe buses, http methods, web-services;

• Be familiar with SQL or MySQL and willing to learn new languages as needed;

• Have deep knowledge in object-oriented programming patterns;

• Be proficient in Python or C++;

• Be proficient in data analysis and data quality preparation techniques.


Educational background:

Quantitative background with a PhD or Msc in: Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Machine Learning, Engineering or Physics.


Portugal - Lisbon


Internship duration 3 - 4 months


From Monday to Friday 10:00 to 19:00


Salary according to qualification


English - Independent User B2 or C1


Get to know all detailed information about your internship placement by arranging Skype call with receiving organization


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