Short internship description:

Education institution is looking for an intern to join the English teaching department, willing to learn new teaching methodologies, gain experience in teaching and enjoy the culture of the city. The intern will be monitored during all internship periods by the English department teachers (as well as the International Mobility department), who will help them planning, preparing and delivering classes.

As part of the foreign languages department, the intern will carry out the following tasks:

• Initial training on our project-based learning methodology;

• Observing classes;

• Planning, preparing and delivering English lessons to students, mainly related to marketing, business, and tourism

• English in a project-based learning environment;

• Planning and creating new material, including audio and visual resources;

• Marking, giving feedback and keeping a record of students’ progress and development,

• Organizing and participating in social and cultural events with students and the institution’s community, such as project presentations and extracurricular activities and helping the international mobility department with events and social media.


Knowledge, skills, and competencies to be acquired by the end of the traineeship (expected Learning Outcomes):

• 24 hours/week internship (including classes, training, and other institution’s activities);

• Working hours: from 9 am to 3 pm or from 3 pm to 9 pm (depending on the day of the week), from Monday to Friday; (possibility of having 1 day off);

• Students’ ages: from 16 years on;

• Although we are preferably looking for a whole academic year intern, we may accept a minimum of 3-month internship applications; please let us know if this is your case.


Spain - Barcelona


Internship duration 3 - 4 months


9am to 3 pm or from 3pm to 9pm (depending on the day of the week), from Monday to Friday (possibility of having 1 day off)


No salary


Required - English language proficient C1 - C2 level


Lunch provided if training split shift


Train-metro-bus ticket provided


Get to know all detailed information about your internship placement by arranging Skype call with receiving organization


Before you apply for one of our internships offers please be note that we have our service fee