Vacation Rental Management assistant in Barcelona with a salary

Our partners Vacation Rental Management Company located in Barcelona has open internship positions in various fields: Customer Service, Human Resources, Guest Experience & Reservation, Digital Marketing. You are able to choose a position which fits you best. If you’re looking to break into a new career, learning how to become a property manager this could be the right move for you.

Web developer full stack internship in France

Small, early-stage start-up, based in the bustling center of the city of Marseille are looking interns for web developer positions. Company is currently working on a collaborative artificial intelligence (AI) software platform. The mission of the internship would focus on maintaining and upgrading company website (in WordPress) on a daily basis.

Business development & advertising internship at Real Estate Agency

Our partner Real Estate consulting Agency in Tenerife is looking for an intern to join business development and advertising position. The Agency has arranged accommodation with affordable monthly prices. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to grow their career in Real Estate business and enjoy Spanish culture.

Marketing manager in Sevilla at accommodation service provider agency

The company provides spectacular service to students and young professionals looking for accommodation in Sevilla and Granada. If you would like to work in an international successful environment where you can develop your skills, then this is the right internship for you.

Internship at luxury Hotel in Tenerife island

Taking part in a hospitality internship in Tenerife will allow you to obtain a great insight into Spain’s tourism cultures and will also allow you to stand out from your peers when applying for jobs in your future career in the hospitality industry.

Hotel Manager assistant position at Las Palmas - Gran Canary Island

This is an excellent internship for those interested in hospitality and tourism. Interns will have the opportunity to gain professional experience in the hospitality industry and will learn how to manage a Hotel while engaging with guests from all over the world.

Office administrator in Madrid at Digital marketing Agency

Company is working with well-known agencies, freelancers, webshops and other businesses to offer them digital marketing solutions. As an administrator, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that company runs efficiently. As well as coordinating and implementing office procedures.

Office Manager in Barcelona at Language teaching academy

If you’re looking for the office manager Internship in Barcelona you’ve come to the right place! The opportunities are endless in this city. This internship opportunity will set you apart in competitive job markets around the world. As an office manager, you’ll be responsible for all activities, projects, and employees inside of office.

Digital marketing and social media internship in Madrid

Company is offering internship in digital marketing and social media positions. Intern will work allongside with the marketing department creating reports of metrics, promoting company services, developing the marketing strategy, work with social media channels, make campaigns.

Internship at Marketing & Communication department in Barcelona

Our partner Real Estate Agency in Barcelona is looking for an intern to join Marketing & Communication department. Intern will be responsible preparing marketing strategy, work with social media channels, make campaigns, create a SEO content on the web and social networks.

Yearly rentals department Manager assistant position with a salary in Barcelona

Real Estate Agency in Barcelona offering internship placements in the Yearly Rentals department. The company commits to providing a quality service and all the transparency required as part of the apartment search in order to simplify the client process.

Business development Manager at Real Estate Agency with salary

Agency using yield-management, selling the right room to right customer at the right time. As a Yield Manager, you will be responsible for the performance optimization of client campaigns, utilizing technology platform in an RTB environment. A main goal is to develop a deep understanding of human behavior.

Administrative position at catering company in Barcelona

The Catering Intern will work closely with the Senior Catering Manager at the catering service providing company in Barcelona. Main tasks includes: initiation on accounting, HR and payroll principles. Also will be responsible for administrative tasks such as: billing, purchases, payments.

Marketing Representative at Event Organizer in Barcelona

We are looking for young and motivated interns who have language skills to join this internship program. This internship is for those interested in developing and enhancing practical skills or who want to gain new ones. During this internship, you will have hands-on experience in sales in-person, public relations, marketing, customer service and promotions.

Project Manager at HR consulting company in Madrid

Leading Human Resource consulting company in Madrid have open paid internship position with 400 Euros salary/month in the field of project manager positions such as IT support, SW Developers, Analysts, QA Testers, Product Owners. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to grow their career in Human resource business.

Product Manager assistant with a salary at Real Estate Agency in Barcelona

Real Estate Agency in Barcelona offering internship placements in the Product Manager position. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to grow their career in Real Estate business.

Internship in Spain at insurance company

One of Spain’s private insurance companies is looking for motivated individuals. Interns will work directly with a leadership team of mentors dedicated to developing their knowledge by providing exposure to the multiple facets of the business. This unpaid internship can provide portfolio building experience, a flexible schedule and valuable experience in the insurance sector.

Internship in Belgium at Arts & crafts market research company

The company is a member of the World Crafts Council Europe and collaborates with many actors all over Europe to develop synergies (ie. with the contemporary design world, the Historic Houses Association. The objective is to merge energies and resources and create a win-win collaboration between makers and customers.

Data analyst intern at political organization in Malta

Political organization alongside to Malta Parlament are looking for Data Analyst Interns. Interns will be involved in a variety of projects related to tax system for electricity and water data analysis among the Island of Malta.

Internship in Denmark at Marketing & Administration positions

The company is looking for a Marketing and Administration intern who is innovative, communicative and who has the ability to take different marketing and administrative tasks with enjoyment.

Internship in Copenhagen for Web Developer/Designer

Building a website in WordPress customizing plugins for price calculation within general services for a gardening company. Working closely with the business owner to make the optimal solution.

3D Graphic design internship in Milan

Digital marketing and production agency located in the center of Milan, Italy. The company offers an  stimulating, technology-design and marketing-focused work environment that is fast-paced and rewarding. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow your skill-set while making a real contribution to a rapidly expanding agency.

Internship at Finance Department in insurance company

Become the star of your financial future. Real life experiences with the real business. An internship in finance is an excellent way for you to gain practical experience in a professional, finance-related work setting.

Internship at luxury Restaurants Group in Spain

Taking this internship you will learn how a good chef manages a kitchen and how to effectively interact with the other employees. You will also be trained on food safety and food serving how to clean workstations correctly as you work. Restaurant kitchens are fast-paced environments and you will learn how to prepare food quickly and to work under pressure.

Business events management internship in Granada

Top leading Business Events Company in Granada that takes care of organizing big network events for Entrepreneurs, having branches all over Spain it makes it one of the most important Network Events Company in Granada. You’ll be taking care of most of the communication channels used by the company and have direct contact with the clients and associates.

Internship with a salary at Fintech company in Lisbon

Our partner Fintech company, based in Lisbon with an algorithmic platform dedicated to identifying repeatable patterns and relations in the financial markets, aiming to ultimately produce significant value for its clients. The company has open internship positions at their Headquarter in heart of Lisbon.

Internship at tourism agency in Spain Granada

Young and modern tourism agency located in Spain Granada looking for students from tourism or marketing fields with the intention of changing the prototype of the typical tourism. Organization vision and goal is to sell destinations in a different way, creating new tourism products that make the tourist decide to stay a few extra days in the city of Granada and her surroundings.

Internship at tourist information point in Granada

Local Taxi Association of Granada is looking for interns to organize “information points” to keep tourists informed about local services: tourist information, taxi services, prices, routes, an organization of trips and routes around the city and province of Granada.

Internship related to EU educational projects

The intern will work directly with the European educational projects staff. The organization is specialized in European project management and community funding and offers consulting services, support for the understanding of European policies, assistance with the creation of international partnerships, and European project implementation.

Digital Marketing & Graphic design internship in Italy

The company is looking for a digital marketing student to join the team.  This candidate should be a creative and scrupulous person, who enjoys setting goals, seeing them through to completion, enjoys studying and learning new technologies and loves to be part of a fun and energetic team. If this describes you, we are excited to hear from you.

Paid internship at Real Estate Agency in B2B department

Our partner Real Estate Agency specializing in quality real estate services that started its business activity in 2000. The Monthly Rentals department is looking for an intern to support the business to the business area and to development.

Internship in Granada at english language academy

English language academy is looking for an assistant to work with the teacher in the private sessions and also in the sessions with the whole group. The work of the language assistant would consist of engaging and guiding the students in speaking activities and assisting them on the contents and topics they are currently working on in their English lessons.

Internship at Market Research company in Milan

The company is a provider of a wide range qualitative and quantitative field services for various types of market research in Italy and around the world. The main activities is a recruitment of respondents who meet a specific target depending on the type of commissioned survey.

French teaching internship in Spain

The aim of this internship is to have a French – language immersion experience and gain priceless first – hand insight into cross-cultural understanding and an initial teaching experience. Want to help students improve their knowledge and understanding of French language and culture ? By becoming a language assistant in a school you can do just that.

Internship in IT sector

Are you seeking for an internship where you can gain IT experience in a highly innovative company? Are you focused on a new challenge where you can adapt your academic skills and knowledge into practice ? Companies goal is to give you the opportunity to develop your skills and offer you interesting routes to advance within the company.

Landscape planning internship with salary in Denmark

The Landscape planning intern will work collaboratively with Landscaping design of small and big projects, always with a twist of regenerative landscaping or editable landscapes.

English language teaching assistant in Barcelona

Education institution is looking for an intern to join the English teaching department, willing to learn new teaching methodologies, gain experience in teaching and enjoy the culture of the city.

Project management assistant at youth NGO organization in Turkey

An international Non-Profit internship can be very demanding as it is a competitive sector. We are looking for interns who are active and can work with young people department of International Project Management and Foreign Languages Education.

International trade's assistant internship

International Trades assistant internship in Granada provides the background into the process of international business development. Your internship includes customer Service tasks: contacting the clients, promoting different companies’ products. The trainee will be responsible for organizing different aspects for promoting and spreading the company’s products through Europe.

WordPress developer internship

We are looking for an intern to work with a senior web designer to assist with WordPress website design and development. A studio is based in Granada, Spain. If you are interested in gaining real work experience and want to work in a fun, multinational and lively environment, please get in touch with your CV and short covering letter.

Web / Graphic designer internship

As a web / graphic design intern, you will assist the Marketing Specialists team with the design and creation of marketing materials important for internal and external marketing and communications. The web / graphic design internship position will prepare you for future in – house work at other companies or with advertising agencies.

Tourism & Hospitality internship in Spain

When it comes to the Tourism industry, your internship placement is located in one of the top countries in the world. Spain has always relied on its amazing location, stunning scenery, and proximity to so many outdoor activities and mild climate, which has developed it into one of the top tourist destinations in Europe.

Hostel Manager assistant position at Las Palmas - Gran Canary Island

Your internship is situated in Las Palmas Gran Canaria Island. The hostel is equipped with a spacious lobby, cozy lounge area, a shared kitchen and a terrace. This is an excellent internship for those interested in hospitality and tourism. Interns will have the opportunity to gain professional experience in the hospitality industry and will learn how to manage a hostel while engaging with guests from all over the world.

Marketing and Digital Graphic Designer in Netherlands

As a marketing and digital Graphic designer intern, you’ll be responsible for digital desktop publishing, creative writing, and online marketing. You will be given an opportunity to develop yourself within the internship period through a diverse range of tasks. Like any start-up, all members of the team carry a lot of responsibility and work across many areas.