Short internship description:

Your internship is situated in the city of Sevilla the capital of Andalucia and the cultural and financial center of southern Spain.The company provides spectacular service to students and young professionals looking for accommodation in Sevilla and Granada. Internship in a young and international team will allow you to contribute new ideas to establish interpersonal relationships with other team members.  If you would like to work in an international successful environment where you can develop your skills, then this is the right internship for you.

Internship responsibilities:

• Updating the rooms in the companies´ website;

• Blogging and Social Media management and maintenance;

• Online marketing management and maintaining Traffic driving on Facebook;

• New bookings management, check arrival details, deposit appropriate amount payment (Reservation Form);

• Checking and updating all the customer’s information after their arrival;

• Customer management;

• Receiving of monthly rents;

• Management and maintenance of online platforms;

• Mailing with customers;

• Sending and providing all kind of information about available accommodation, location, city, university;

•  Introducing new bookings to the companies´ Management System;

• Check-in and check out.



• Educational background in business studies;

• Good communication skills;

• Willing to contribute new ideas and articulate them and not just execute on existing ones;

• A commitment to learning – company want someone who seeks to deliver impact, but also invests in themselves and others.


Knowledge, skills, and competencies to be acquired by the end of the traineeship (expected Learning Outcomes):

• Capable to understand complex issues and procedures;

• Effective communication skills;

• Ability to establish interpersonal relationships that allow working in teams and in diverse and multicultural environments;

• Getting know some business insight in a Spanish service company;

• Develop personal growth and mind dynamics.


Spain - Sevilla or Granada


Internship duration 3 - 4 months


40 hours/week


No salary


Ideal for English speaking student. Spanish language knowledge is an advantage


Get to know all detailed information about your internship placement by arranging Skype call with receiving organization


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