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Recent Project

Introducing Matching4you®

Due to our remarkable growth over the years, we together with Portuguese Entrepreneurs created online recruitment and learning opportunities platform for students, graduates, job seekers, companies, and educational institutions. Our aim to encourage people to take action for a world without unemployment by connecting them to learning and career opportunities.

Our Business Venture

  • Launch
    Interrex company was founded by two young Entrepreneurs and Erasmus+ program participants from Lithuania Kostas Ališauskas and Dovydas Jaseliūnas. With an aim to help international students to find an internship placement abroad.
    February 2016
  • First Business Travel
    We flew to Spain the city of Granada and Barcelona where we met with potential business partners the organizations offering internship placement for students.
    April 2016
  • First Contract
    Interrex signed its first contract with business partners from Italy and Spain. By signing the contract were guaranteed an internship placement for our clients - international students.
    September 2017
  • Internships abroad
    Later on, the first clients were sent to do an internship under the Erasmus+ program at our collaborator's companies. Granada, Spain was the first destination.
    November 2017
  • Matching4you®
    Interrex founders participated in the program called Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs together with Portuguese Entrepreneurs and started a new project Matching4you®. With the same name career and learning opportunities platform was created. Now, Matching4you® is represented in 22 countries worldwide it has registered trademark and logo.
    February 2019 ongoing

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